Hunt & Edit is a team of filmmakers who come together to shoot and deliver genuine, bespoke content, for our clients and community.  

It started organically when the ability to make work was met with the financial ability to fund the work. A circle of like-minded friends talked of little else but the power of genuine storytelling. These friends were successful directors, writers, photographers, editors, cinematographers and producers.

With a little age and wisdom, the company was formed to be responsible for maintaining the quality of our clients needs, transparent accountability and longevity of relationships.

As an ethical and positive home for the creation of cinema for personal brands and multi national corporations, our people go everywhere, working with an extensive network of local fixers.

Production is often a slow moving rallying of an unnecessary number of troops with unnecessary margins. Our team moves politely in and out of companies and communities to learn and communicate their stories. We are often happily brought on individually or as a whole to work for agencies and production companies, shooting and delivering content under their banner as trusted specialists. 

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